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Shanghai restaurant
Call to Reserve: +60 3 2719 8288
Shanghai restaurant is shaped by remarkable inspirations. Its 20-year journey is interwoven with history,
passion and gastronomy to bring you an unforgettable dining experience.
About Shanghai Restaurant
Shanghai restaurant is a feast for the senses, from the exceptional cuisine and delicate flavours, to the stylish ambience which pays homage to Chinese arts and culture. Encounter a refined dining space featuring a touch of modern Chinese glamour. Opulent Chinese ink paintings flank one side of the restaurant while several panels of Chinese classical poetry etched in stone dominate the other. The pièce de résistance is an imposing painting of Chinese storks denoting luck and good fortune.
Chef Wong Wing Yeuk
About Chef Wong Wing Yeuk
The culinary symphony performed at the restaurant is led by Shanghainese native Executive Chinese Chef Wong. He worked in his brother’s restaurant before joining Soh Chit Yuen restaurant where he honed his skills. In 1999, Chef Wong was given an opportunity to open and helm Shanghai restaurant, melding his knowledge and passion to introduce fine Shanghainese cuisine to Malaysia.
Discover Chef Wong’s Journey here:
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